SEDR2 Horse Show Postponed


After talking to Parks and Rec and seeing the rings and the grounds have inches of water on them, (even though we would usually have the show rain or shine and get everyone qualified, there is no way we can muddle through this this time), we are postponing the SED R2 show until June 9 and 10th.  This is a first for SED R2.   Our goal is for the safety of riders and to get members qualified to go to state.  That being said, I believe we can do this and incorporate SED in the VRS show with members receiving SED ribbons and championships.

I know that all the dates and the way it will be done will not suit everyone but in listening to the division managers and others this is the way it is going to roll.  Just as a side note, this is not for my convenience because I can do it any of the other weekends and would be willing to do so.  This adds nothing to VRS shows as the fees are already being paid to SED.

Most have agreed to go with the June 9th and 10th.  We will incorporate western, gaited, gymkana and mini in the June 9th VRS show.  We will have 2 judges in the ring, one judging VRS and one judging SED for the classes that are on the VRS schedule.  We will have to add for western junior and senior horse and pony but that should not add a lot of time.    They will have separate sheets to judge.  If someone wants to enter and be judged in VRS show, they will need to pay for that class.   This way we can run SED championship and members can receive SED ribbons and prizes for 1st place.

June 10th will be hunter day.  The hunter judge we had for Saturday has agreed to be there on June 10th and the hunter part of the show will start at 12:00.  Jumping in the morning starting at 9:00. with flat classes not starting before 12:00.

We will eliminate costume and trail classes.  Exceptional will stay the same.  They will judged as needed.

If shirts were ordered, they will be at June 9th & 10th show.  They are done.

Thank you for your comments so quickly.  I hate postponing the show but we have run district shows in monsoon weather, rain, heat, etc.  and the council and volunteers have always come through and we have always gotten everyone qualified.  Like Rita said we will play the cards we are dealt.  It will work.

Take care


SEDR2 Horse Council Meeting

Next SEDR2 Horse Council meeting is scheduled for June 14th at New Kent County Extension Office beginning at 7 pm.

Every 4-H Horse Club leader is encouraged to attend, learn about how you can help with the many district horse events.

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